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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hi all! How's the first two weeks of 2013 so far? As for me, I am still in a holiday mode and in denial that I am back to attending classes! Ugh! I know I have to endure this pain to keep me on track and finish my goals (LOL! So dramatic!). Anyways, I will share with you the happenings for the past days when I do my project 365 post (I know I am way behind on posting!) This post is actually a quick one, I just can't get over with some of the movies I just seen recently. I know I have already mentioned here that I have been enjoying watching old movies and some of it were from Hallmark. I have been having fun that I thought I would have to share it to you guys. So here are some of those that I truly enjoy:

  • Boys and Girls (2000) - Comedy | Romance | Drama
    •  Synopsis from IMDb: A friendship is put to the ultimate test when two best friends wind up in bed together. This isn't much of the usual romantic movie that has lots of cheesy scenes. It was made simple because it focus more on the main character's script. The great scripts and dialogue had made the movie effective and so romantic. You will not see immediate chemistry on main characters but as the story progresses, you will learn to love them as a couple. I am giving this 4/5. 
  • Sundays at Tiffany's (TV Movie 2010) - Drama | Romance
    •  Synopsis from IMDb: Michael is a 'guardian angel' who appears when children need an invisible ('imaginary') friend until the birthday after his help worked. This is so cute that I really can't help myself smiling and feeling lighthearted and happy after watching this. I have read that this was from a book and though the story is fictional, I have love it right on the first few minutes of the flick. The castings were great! From the young actors/actresses to their grown-up selves. Such a fun movie to watch! I am giving this 5/5.
  • Honey, I shrunk the kids (1989) and Honey, I Blew up the kids (1992) - Adventure | Comedy | Family
    • The titles already said it synopsis and that's basically the stories of these fun flicks. I have seen these before but after years, still these never failed to entertain me. I am even planning of having my little tot watch these! Perfect for a weekend family bonding! I am giving these 5/5.
  • On the 2nd Day of Christmas (1997) -  Comedy | Drama | Family
    • One of the perfect Christmas movies filled with romance, comedy and good thoughts to ponder. You will enjoy watching this even on an ordinary day. I am giving this 4/5.

This is it for now! I hope that you will enjoy these as I did! I still have a lots of movies in line for reviews and recommendations.'Til next!

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He & Me + 3 January 15, 2013 at 10:29 PM  

I will have to check a few of these out. I have only seen Honey, I shrunk the kids. Ha! Love Christmas movies I am totally going to get on the 2nd day of Christmas to watch on a friday night.
Thanks for the recommendations!

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