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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hi everyone! Hope you are havin' a great week! 
I know this is SOOOOO long overdue, these were the happenings for the past weeks, an update to my last year's 365 project:

359 - Finally! I can wear high heels and closed shoes. Thanks to Mr. Quickie for this add-on foam. It's really comfy and I can say goodbye to blisters. 360 - Christmas eve! 361 - Got this cookie from a friend of mine. 362 - Thanks to my employer for this plaque of recognition, a loyalty award. 363 - Can't get enough of JCo Donuts! 364 - Our little tot having fun at Razon's on our way back home from Tarlac. 365 - What a yummy carrot cake!

Now as for this new year's project 365:

1 - Looks like New Year is for these kids! Look how excited they were. 2 - Little tot got another gift from one of her godmothers. 3 - She's back to school. 4 - Started using my planner, plotting some schedules and goals. 5 - Post-holiday get-together with my friends at Yakimix. 6 - Attended a lovely Beatles-inspired wedding of a good friend of mine.

7 - Got injured from wearing closed shoes after decadesss! 8 - We got our free phones from having a family post paid plans from Globe. 9 - Her request, an ice cream sundae, after finishing her 3-day exam in just one day with just a single mistake! I am proud mom! 10 - First day of my Project Management course. Busy again, not that I am complaining though. 11 - Dental appointment for me and hubs, cleaning! 12 - We celebrated part 1 of my mother-in-law's birthday in Yakimix. 13 - Part 2 of the celebration was done at home. She invited her previous colleagues and friends.

14 - Saw Les Miserables and I love it! 15 - Looks who's supervising while hubby was cleaning Whitey. LOL!  16 - Preparing the requirements for next school year. 17 - She got another present, this time from one of his godfathers. 18 - Trying this sunflower seeds but unfortunately I couldn't eat it. I need some that are already peeled. 19 - First time I have tried mixing peanut butter with a banana and I like it. But if I were to choose, I still want it more with some choco syrup. 20 - Cerelac! Yum!

Yey! Now I am updated! Hopefully I can update you guys on my project on a weekly basis. It is part of my goals this year to be active on blogging again on top of everything that are keeping me busy. Good luck to me! Stay with me while finish it this year, ok?
Have a great week everyone!

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He & Me + 3 January 24, 2013 at 12:04 AM  

Yeah! YOu are caught up. YOu must have been so busy to get 3 weeks behind. It is sometimes hard to stay on top of this, but just having the pictures is a good reminder of what happened each day. That is why I love this project. Your little is so cute. She is such a ham in front of the camera. I love it! Just took my oldest to see Les Miserables and we both loved it too. I think they did a great job. Yum to all the donuts and food. OUch on your toe! My daughter knows the feeling. Her feet always hurt. Hope you have a beautiful week ahead.

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