Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday (366/331 - 358)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hi everyone! How was your Christmas?
Hope you all have fun!
I know this is SOOOOO long overdue, these were the happenings for the past four weeks, an update to my 365 project:

331 - I just started reading about Grey, I know I am super late but I just wanna know what the buzz is all about. Hopefully I could finish all three this sembreak (school break). Good luck to me! LOL! 332 - It is fun to start a day with a glass of milk tea. 333 - I have started shopping for gifts for this holiday season early than usual. It was good avoiding the holiday rush and will do it next year! 334 - Got a box of different shapes and flavors of praline and truffles from my sister-in-law. Yummy! 335 - This 25% off came just in time! I was about to refill my foundation and I was glad when I saw this tag. Steal! 336 - Finally! Done with one of the school requirements! 337 - I love collecting lippies especially when it comes with these tags.

338 - My training for Strategic Project Management started. 339 - Got my free Starbucks planner, at last! No to Starbucks now til December 2013 LOL! 340 - Shopped for vintage-y dresses for a wedding that I have to attend to on January. 341 - Last day presentation for my SPM. Glad I took this course. 342 - Our little tot busy doodling while we were dining at Burgoo. 343 - We threw in a surprise bridal-shower/birthday party to our good friend, Gracey! 344 - Ugh! Lost thousands of photos when Multiply shutdown. I put part of the blame to PLDT, because I don't have connection at home when I have time to back up my files. Sigh!

345 - Cramming for our final presentation in school! Not fun! 346 - Trying to find out which was a better dip for a rice cake, sweetened condensed milk or chocolate syrup? Both! 347 - Witnessed a lovely wedding and I was so honored to be a part of it! (I am the second lady in front from your right, in case you are wondering) 348 - A colleague and also a friend of mine gave this GC as a holiday present to my little tot. 349 - Got the hardbound copy of our little tot's 5th birthday celebration in Hong Kong and Macau. Yey! I still have the last year's project yet to be compiled. 350 - At last, we got our connection back! 351 - Our little tot having fun at the rooftop when we visited my dad.

352 - Our little tot got early presents from one of her godmothers. 353 - My little girl busy chitchatting with her BFF during their Christmas party. 354 - Feeling the holiday rush, heavy traffic everywhere! 355 - Got this cuppie from one of my bosses! Yum! 356 - Tried fettucini jacinta from Banapple, but for sure I am not gonna have this again. Not my type. 357 - We saw The Hobbit and we all liked it! I will be creating a separate review for that, hopefully soon! 358 - Have fun reading the article on MVP, while having my much awaited, long overdue hair treatment!

Geesh we're almost done with this year's project! Yey! Stay with me while finish it this year, ok? Congratulations to us in advance!
Have a great week everyone!
Naptime Momtog

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He & Me + 3 December 28, 2012 at 11:40 PM  

Hey Girl! You have been busy this Holiday season. I like you started my Christmas shopping early. Although I still was in the stores the day before Christmas snatching up some of the awesome deals. Love Starbucks. I have been visiting there more often because of their pumpkin spice! Yum! Your little one is getting so big. She is just adorable. The picture of her chatting with her friend is sooooooo cute! I will have to try the condensed milk...sounds good. Beautiful wedding picture too. Love the bright colored dresses. Hope you have a wonderful new year!
Congrats on making it through another 365 year!

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