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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? 
Hope everyone had fun! Here's a recap of last week:
 My little tot is not much of a fan of rice but for this, its the other way around. It's a must that we have carbonara every week! Yes, every week! I am not quite sure if this was due to the fact that when I was still pregnant to her, one of my fave food to eat was carbonara. Then the next day, she was busy munching these! I could not blame her, this was yummy!

I super love this Keebler's Soft Batch Chocolate chips! Super yummy and soft, perfect for me since I couldn't eat anything hard at this moment.Then the next day, Barbie is featured as one of the recent toys for McD's Happy Meal.

Aside from Barbie, McD's features some Hot Wheels as well for their Happy Meal toys. And as expected, my little tot prefer these than Barbie! Then last Saturday, thank goodness to one of the Barangay Captains of Tunasan for filling up the craters on our main road. I don't really care if this was part of his early campaign for next year's election, because we are so tired of these craters! For sure Whitey likes these too and he's thankful as well!

 Then last Sunday, we have attended the 1st birthday of my godson, Johann. He's my best friend's son. The party was held at Jollibee in Rizal Park. I was glad to see my best friend, her relatives who are like family to me as well and some of my friends too. Such a fun-filled party!

How about you, how was your last week?
Have a great week everyone!
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He & Me + 3 September 12, 2012 at 9:27 PM  

You are having busy weeks just like me. I had so many cravings when I was pregnant. The one I had the most was Peanut butter and now both my girls are allergic. Strange. My son loves the Mcdonalds toys. They give the best toys of all the fast food places.Sorry I haven't been around much. So so busy. I have almost been avoiding the computer.
Have a great weekend.

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