Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday (366/240 - 246)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hi! How's your long weekend?
Here's a recap of last week:
 Monday, I didn't know that photography and creating photobooks are such draining tasks! I have started creating the photobook for my last year's 365 and I was enjoying it at first, then after a few pages, I came to realize that it wasn't that easy as I thought. The process really requires some time and patience. Now, I salute all the photographers and makers of photo books, you really have a strong passion to get it going! Then the next day, I made an honest mistake of forgetting my wallet and coin purse at home. That means I drove to work and back home without driver's license. Tsk tsk! Not a good thing to do right?!

Last Wednesday I got a package. Happiness! Then the next day, I got pissed to this car in front of me. For some reasons, his tail lights were not working and his not even using signal lights! Ugh! Those were designed to be there for you to use!

Just when I thought there will be less! Ugh! Last Friday, we went to SM Southmall thinking that there will be less people since it was a work day, week day Friday! We should have go there as soon as it opens! Good thing I was still able to score ponytails, 3 shirts and a skirt for my little tot, a cardigan for me, a shirt for my nephew and shorts for hubs.. all for less than 1,500Php! Thanks SM Southmall! When is the next?! :) Then the next day, my little tot don't want to go down because of this LOL!

jing monis salon

Then last Sunday, this was actually my birthday treat to myself, I made a visit to the Alabang branch of Jing Monis salon to have my hair colored. It was my first time to avail one of their services but I don't have any doubts because Jing Monis is well-known and have been one of the stylists of several local celebrities. But unfortunately, he was not there when I visited the salon. But it was okay, since I don't plan to have a different hair cut, just a trim. I was really surprised how their prices don't differ from the salon I frequent before. The salon is clean plus the staff especially the stylist who cut my hair were all hands-on! Alex, the stylist, was there supervising the hygienist/Ian who was applying the color of my hair. They were so keen and very detailed. You can feel that they valued your visit. Truly, you got your money's worth! Oh and also, they offer laptop and internet access if you would like to stay connected while you are in the salon. I love my hair's new color, so this is now my new salon! And I promise the next time, I will try having a hair cut from Jing Monis himself, I will just save some bucks for that :) And also, what made it more special was seeing Patty and her hubby-to-be, of DaPattyLaurel blog inside the salon! Happiness!

How about you, how was your last week?
When was the last time you have your cut, styled or colored?
Have a great week everyone!
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1 lovely thoughts on this:

SmilingSally September 4, 2012 at 10:21 AM  

I had my hair cut this past Saturday. Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Marice.

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