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Thursday, August 9, 2012

How's everyone?
How was your last week? Hope you have fun and to Philippine residents, hope everyone is safe. It's been raining for a week now due to Typhoon Gener and though it already left, it had somehow affect the tropical (east/west) monsoons that it brought tons of rains. Some areas are flooded because of this :( It was really heartbreaking watching the news. That means we are indeed being mean to our mother nature. *Sigh* I just hope and pray that everyone is safe and the flood on some areas will be gone soon!

Anyways,Here's a recap of our last week:
Monday, was declared no classes due to the bad weather. Then the next day, I was looking for a chocolate-coated mint biscuit and I have found this from South Supermarket. Unfortunately, I didn't like it. The taste was so bland and the biscuit was so hard. I won't buy this anymore.

The next day we saw these Tomica toys showcased inside SM Southmall. So cute! And I bet these are expensive. Then last Thursday, Twister fries is back but sad to say, I wasn't able to enjoy it. I was advised by my ortho to have soft food for the mean time *sigh*

Last Friday, got a free drink from a friend of mine who was celebrating his birthday. Yipee! :) Then the next day, my little tot was role playing. She was acting like Dora but according to her, her bag wasn't Back Pack but Rescue Pack LOL!

Then last Sunday, got a lose bracket! This wasn't the first time Ugh! Now I am kinda regretting having this braces LOL! I should have postponed it for the rest of my life! I kid LOL! I just wish that the visits to my dentist will be less frequent.

How about you, how was your last week/weekend?
How do you find McD's Twister Fries?
Do you know a brand of chocolate-coated mint biscuit?
Have a great week everyone!
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He & Me + 3 August 13, 2012 at 10:08 AM  

You are so lucky! We do not have twisty fries yet. They look so good though. Loved it when my kids would role play and play dress up. so fun to see their imaginations at work. Love Mint and chocolate together. So good. Yeah for class being canceled but boo to bad weather.

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