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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What do you think are the essentials when purchasing your dream house or even just a new house? Location? Real estate developer? Amenities? Or none of the things that I enlist? 

 Well for me, we scout first the location. Before when we are planning on purchasing a house and lot for our family, we have ocular a couple of newly develop villages and subdivisions just within our area. Yes, if ever, we would like to build our new house it will be just within the area on where we are right now. Not just because I also work nearby, but this location is very much accessible to most establishments that you need such as church, hospitals and malls. Then when we are satisfied with the location, we check and see who is the real estate developer. Since we consider this property as an investment plus we would like to have this as long lasting as possible, we need to ensure that we will be getting it from a trusted real estate developer just like the santa monica real estate developer. We really need to make sure that we are getting our money's worth. Then after these two categories, I will then check its neighborhood as I don't want to be in place where it is not safe. Then maybe after that, I will check the amenities. I also wanted to have a good and a cool ambiance for my kiddo. 

Hmm, Maybe if you keep these specific categories in mind, I am sure that your house hunting will be more productive and successful. 

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