Rebonded at Salon de San Lorenzo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Second quarter of last year, I brought this deal from Metrodeal. Looking at the deal itself, it was such a steal!
And good thing before the voucher expires, I was able to made an appointment to the salon to have my hair rebonded. It will be my first time to avail any of their service and I was hoping that I will not have to regret my decision since I have had bad experience with some salon. Not to mention, it was truly an effort for us to go there. But I don't actually mind the location as long the service is superb, like with Crispin Britannico before. But since I am satisfied with Piandre', I have decided not to go there anymore. Anyways, it was actually 4 days passed the expiration but since they were fully booked, the salon had extended the duration of the voucher. I was accompanied by my hubby and my little tot since we did commute all the way to Makati since Whitey was included in the number coding every Tuesday. They salon was not difficult to find and I did not have a hard time claiming and availing the service. No waiting time as well. I was scheduled at 2PM and it started right on time. Let me just itemized the things I like and I didn't like about the salon:

  • The salon is not hard to find.
  • The receptionist is professional enough.
  • The place is clean enough.
  • There's a small waiting area.
  • The stylist was knowledgeable enough.
  • The solutions/treatments were enough for my hair, they didn't minimize it even if I did avail their service with a huge discount.

  • You will not be offered by anything, drinks or even magazine. I am probably used to in some salons that this kind of thing is automatic and knowing the service will last for at least 4 hours. And they don't have a wi-fi service, but this feature is just a bonus on some salons.
  • The stylist interviewed me and asked me questions which I have already answered through their form that you need to fill it up before availing their service.
  • The stylist offered and was actually pushing me to avail their cellophane service which is definitely a NO-NO for me. That's one thing I like on the other salons, they can recommend things/services to you but never push it to the customer.
  • There was a time that we were transferred to the other side of the salon BECAUSE they will have to clean that side. Uhmm, cleanliness=√ but do you really have to do that when there's a service on-going? Plus before that, I have asked to raise my feet since they were sweeping the floor on where I was at. Hmm...
  • The hygienist (the one who applied the solution/treatment to my hair, who ironed and wash my hair) was not careful enough. 
    • though it can be my mistake as well, but it is part of the SOP to ask the customer to remove their earrings if they have especially if the treatment/service will directly affect your earrings. Now I wouldn't be able to use my silver earrings anymore.
    • there were no ear covers, my ears got itchy with the treatment that was applied. Good thing, it was not that serious.
    • I was slightly burned for several times while he was drying up my hair using a blower and while ironing my hair. Thanks goodness aside from some burnt hair strands, nothing really serious happened.
    • When he was washing my hair, I was given a towel to cover my legs since I was wearing shorts but it was a wet one. Tsk! Tsk!

Thanks goodness that though their service was like that, I am bit satisfied with the result. Plus the treatment solutions that they have used were not too harsh. My hair didn't have any adverse reaction, no hair falls or dandruffs. I am still liking my hair :) Here's the before and after shot:

My next goal is either to have my hair dyed or permed, again! :)
But not with this salon anymore ;)

4 lovely thoughts on this:

He & Me + 3 December 30, 2011 at 7:33 AM  

it looks great. It looks so healthy. I wish mine would grow out long :)
Happy New Year!

Unknown October 6, 2012 at 8:43 AM  

may dye yung hair mo before mag-rebond. Actually, dyed hair before rebonding can totally damaged the hair. Ano ang nangyari sa buhok mo after a few weeks? Or it's just because the chemicals they used is compatible with the hair that has color ?

Marice October 10, 2012 at 1:09 PM  

hi sis! oks naman cia :) dyed na cia for about year.. so okay na siya irebond that time :)

Unknown April 29, 2013 at 3:20 PM  

Thanks for this useful review!

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