Thursday Thunks #19

Thursday, April 1, 2010

1. It's the first of April, do you play April Fool's jokes on anyone? Tried just once. I told them I am leaving the country heheh I didn't do it again, I ran out of cp credits because of that hahah

2. Do you like to eat sardines? sometimes :)

3. Have you ever played racketball? nope!

4. If eating at a fast food joint that has a dollar menu, do you order a bunch of different dollar items or just go ahead and get a regular meal? I am not sure if I get this!

5. Have you ever taken a brand new pencil and sharpened it in an electric sharper until it was almost gone just because you were bored? nope!

6. Do you have any old broken computers still sitting around your home? yeah! Haven for dust mites hehe kiddin :) I just couldn't let it go yet.

7. Ricky Martin came out this week stating he is gay. Were you shocked, had a feeling, "who?" or just didn't care? nope. I knew it ever since he came back. Call that Gay-dar? hehe

8. If marijuana is legalized, do you think it should have a luxury tax added onto it? Yup so that it won't be too affordable.

9. What's the oddest thing you have sitting on your computer desk right now or where ever it is you may be sitting with a laptop (you could be sitting at a Starbucks with an alien from Mars for all we know)? hmm gone searching but I could not find anything.. Does a colleague sleeping on top of a table counts?

10. Have you ever bumped into a former lover and found out they were now gay or straight depending on your relationship with them? it is not a really a former lover.. an almost lover.. heheh but it's okay! we are better off as fag-hags! :)

11. Have you ever held a tarantula? ewwkkk!

12. Shower- curtain, door, walk-in, or do you just roll around in the dirt to get the stink off? Shower-curtain :)

13. Which commercial is the most annoying to you on TV or radio? it's local.. it is actually about a corned beef comparing itself to a corned tuna! like duh!

3 lovely thoughts on this:

He & Me + 3 April 1, 2010 at 5:24 AM  

I have never held a tarantula either. YUCK. my daughter wants one. Ewww is right.
never had sardines either...are the good?

Alicia April 1, 2010 at 6:48 AM  

LOL, my two younger kids tried sardines and they actually liked it!!

I am Harriet April 1, 2010 at 11:00 PM  

I think Ricky may not have that Gay-dar thing.

Have a great Thursday!

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