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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yehey at last I'm back and I am fully recharged after having a long weekend! :) Yes, though we are not observing Philippine Holidays at work (yup we weren't affected by the National Day of Mourning yesterday) good thing it was Labor day on US so it was also holiday for us ;)

It was a good weekend though some of my plans were postponed like the watching of Jabbawockeez at Alabang Town Center and me joining the Olay Swap Event, both were last Saturday. We were at SM Southmall the morning of Saturday for our baby's flu vaccine and I am proud to say that at last we have found the right Pedia after switching from 3 different pediatricians. Surprisingly, though she cried a bit when injected by the vaccine, she cooperated and even stayed inside the clinic for a few minutes which is unusual for her. Because from all of the Pediatricians we've had, she will begin whining as soon as you open the clinic's door. But last Saturday was different :) Such a relief! And also she's now on vaccine holiday, and her next shot will be anytime during her 2-4 years of age. Nice! That means our pocket too is on holiday hehe

Since I don't have sleep yet that day, I have decided not to go and see the Jabbawockeez and I was glad I didn't. Because according to my hubby who went to his office almost the same time during their performance, there was such a heavy traffic near ATC and his friend who watched the show reached their house past 10pm. The show ended around 7:30pm and ATC is less than 30-minute drive from our place. Imagine how heavy that traffic was!

Oh btw, the Olay Swap Event was also last Saturday, at 2pm, and we arrived at home from SM Southmall around that time. So no free Olay Total Effects for me this time. But that's fine ;)

We just stayed at home both Sunday and Monday since the weather isn't good til now. It's been raining really hard over the weekend. And its really not advisable to go out because there were flooded areas all over the metro. It's best to stay at home and enjoy the cold weather with your family :)

Now, it's the start of the week for me :) Hoping that we'll have a good weekend ahead. Thanks again to ALL who has been continuously visiting my site and leaving some love. Its now my time to return the favor :)

How about you? How's your long weekend? :)

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