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Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm back and thanks to all who wished me luck on my tooth extraction but fortunately (heheh) it was postponed for several reasons. I arrived at Dental City Festival Mall branch an hour before my schedule time hoping that we could start earlier. Good thing they don't have anymore patients that time so they gave me the forms that I need to sign up as per process but when they've found out that I'll be having a tooth extraction they immediately cancelled my appointment. First, was that they ONLY do extractions not later than 5pm and it was already 5mins after 5pm. So I was bit disappointed but I couldn't blame them because it was also my fault not telling them what procedure needs to be done on my teeth when I scheduled an appointment with them. Lesson learned! Second, they were asking me for a gum x-ray which obviously I also don't have that time and I don't know that I should be having it. Because as what I have mentioned I had my tooth extracted like ages ago and I don't remember having my gums x-rayed. According to them, they require an x-ray for any tooth that will be extracted for them to check if there's any infections/complications on/around the tooth area. So as not to waste our effort of going there, I had my gums x-rayed. I'll be posting the pic prolly next week since I have to leave the film there and I forgot to take a shot of it when they've have showed it to me.
Now here's the highlight, according to the dentist I have to undergo a surgical tooth extraction rather than just a normal one because the molar I am requesting to be extracted is just below my sinus.

Photo Source: Rebekkah

I was asked to leave my x-ray film because the dentist will also seek second opinion. Aww! That sounds like a serious thing! Plus the word "surgical", it scared me more. Again, I am not afraid of the process itself since I have already went through a deliver under ceasearian section two years ago, but I am more afraid of after effect. And if ever, this is my first time so imagine how scared I am now. They already gave me an estimated cost of the whole process (2000-4000php) but they will send me an sms anytime this week on the exact amount it will cost along with the results of the second opinion.

I have started to research online regarding this molar below sinus extraction and here are some of the information I got online:

"If you ever need an upper tooth extracted, it is important that your dentist advise you if your tooth roots are in the sinus cavity. Especially if you are over 50 years of age, tooth roots can grow well into the sinus, and this can create a real problem that is difficult to treat."

From this: There is a Little Known Problem that Affects the Sinuses and Prevents Healing when Certain Upper Teeth Are Extracted

"There are two dangers in extracting a maxillary molar that is right under the sinuses' periosteum. The first is that when the tooth is pulled, it might pull a piece of that periosteum out with the tooth root, creating an opening between the sinus and the oral cavity (what we call an oral-antral fistula), which can lead to a sinus infection. The second is that a root might break, and in the action of trying to retrieve the broken root, the practitioner might accidentally shove the root tip into the sinus, also causing a sinus infection."
From this question posted on Yahoo: How to tell if root of molar extends into sinus cavity?

Now I am having second thought! Really! Should I or should I not? I wanted to have this tooth extracted because its already broken. And its giving me pains (tolerable but uncomfortable) once in a while. Plus, if I have decided to have my teeth braced I need to lose 4 molars to be exact since I have so many teeth. According to my dentist they so crowded and for them to align everything I need to lose those. Sigh! I am also thinking if I should go to another dentist to ask for a second opinion, just to be sure. Tsk tsk! I never imagined tooth exraction will be this complicated :(

I'll keep you guys posted!

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