Nice Seein' You Guys Again!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

While thinking of something to blog, I suddenly remembered logging in to my Friendster account. I seldom login because I became addicted to Facebook heheh So there I got one friend request and that's from one of my friends back in my High School days. Geeshhh, it wassss sooo nice seeing them again :) The last time we saw each other was I think when I was in my 7-month of pregnancy and my baby is already 2 years old! And that was like not more than 15 minutes of chatting because we were on our way back home to Cainta that time and they were just in Balut (Tondo, our hometown hehe) for a visit. Looking at their pictures, it seems that I was like staring the same guys back then on 1992-1996. Talong (Ruel) prolly got a lot bigger but still he looks like the same old Talong we knew heheh And Freya, gosh! You still look like 16th (naks!) heheh Or maybe you just got a good camera lens there huh! :) And our godchild, Ryel, he's such a big kid now! And Faith, I haven't seen her yet but she's also a big girl and obviously they are getting Freya's physical traits eheh

Well, it was really nice seein you guys again though not personally! Miss you and hope to see you guys soon!

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